Our Approach

Our Strategy

We Dare, helped us all to focus our collective efforts to transform the lives of the people we support, our colleagues and the communities we work in.

Now, as we look to continuously evolve and take our next step, we’ve asked ourselves one simple question. Why do we exist?

And for every single one of us – in every team, every department, at every level – the answer is the same: so that the people we support, and the people who support them, can live the Best Lives Possible.

Diversity and inclusion,


As an inclusive organisation, we have a clear aim to create a space where people can truly be themselves at Prime Care Services. In recent years, our colleagues have told us that they wanted us to challenge ourselves and make a clear commitment to making diversity and inclusion one of our organisation’s key priorities.

Social value and innovation


At Prime Care Services, we’re committed to investing in social value and are always looking at how we can make a positive impact to the communities we work with.

We encourage our teams and the people we support to act as Social Value Champions. Together, we explore social value outcomes within the community which cover economic, social and environmental initiatives.

Working with Families


Working with families, friends and carers is an important part of delivering person-centred care. Families, friends and carers are often a vital part of the life of someone who needs care and support. When services know how to work well with families, the outcomes for individuals can be improved.

Working with officials


Prime Care Services supports people across with learning disabilities, mental health concerns, autism and physical disabilities, with over three decades of experience in providing specialist care and support.

We work closely with our commissioners, Social workers and other officlas to make innovative efficiencies across our services which help the people we support live the best lives possible.